Maximum Capacity Limits

SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Object Maximum Values
Batch size 65,536 × Network Packet Size Bytes per short string column 8,000 Bytes per GROUP BY, ORDER BY 8,060 Bytes per index key 900 Bytes per foreign key 900 Bytes per primary key 900 Bytes per row 8,060 Bytes in source text of a stored procedure The lesser of batch size or 250 MB Bytes per varchar(max), varbinary(max), xml, text, or image column 2^31 – 1 Characters per ntext or nvarchar(max) column 2^30 – 1 Clustered indexes per table 1 Columns in GROUP BY, ORDER BY Limited only by number of bytes (see Bytes per GROUP BY, ORDER BY) Columns or expressions in a GROUP BY WITH CUBE or WITH ROLLUP statement 10 Columns per index key 16 Columns per foreign key 16 Columns per primary key 16 Columns per base table 1,024 Columns per SELECT statement 4,096 Columns per INSERT statement 1,024 Connections per client Maximum value of configured connections Database size 1,048,516 terabytes Databases per instance of SQL Server 32,767 Filegroups per database 32,767 Files per database 32,767 File size (data file) 16 terabytes File size (log file) 2 terabytes Foreign key table references per table 253 Identifier length (in characters) 128 Instances per computer 16 (50 for Enterprise Edition) Length of a string containing SQL statements (Batch size) 65,536 × network packet size Locks per connection Maximum locks per instance of SQL Server Locks per instance of SQL Server IA-32: up to 2,147,483,647 IA-64, ×64: limited only by memory Nested stored procedure levels 32 Nested subqueries 32 Nested trigger levels 32 Non clustered indexes per table 249 Parameters per stored procedure 2,100 Parameters per user-defined function 2,100 REFERENCES per table 253 Rows per table Limited only by available storage Tables per database Limited by number of objects in a database Partitions per partitioned table or index 1,000 Statistics on nonindexed columns 2,000 Tables per SELECT statement 256 Triggers per table Limited by number of objects in a database UNIQUE indexes or constraints per table 1 clustered and 249 nonclustered indexes XML indexes 249

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